Infectious - Tobu
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Maybe auto plays when in photo gallery?

Songs will be royalty free

This one is but can be changed if wanting to use background music for the photo gallery

Extra design elements to make the site look fancier

  • Facebook Social Icon
  • Twitter Social Icon
  • Google+ Social Icon
  • YouTube Social  Icon
  • Pinterest Social Icon
  • Instagram Social Icon

If the club has any of these then we can link them to the website

Facebook page, Twitter, google plus, Youtube, Pintrest, Instagram

Pay for membership online through paypal


Any video Example could be in gallery again instead of just having images it could show happy and fun moments that may happen either while playing golf or while having an afternoon beer. 

360 panorama of the golf course?

The courses facebook page if it has one

Blue Line represents an anchor it divides a page up into sections so you are able to see what part of the page you are on